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The pine falls and Toshiba produces combination OLED face plate
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The report points out, TMD falls for Toshiba and pine with 6: 4 oppose a scale joint-stock hold water, TMD will invest 15 billion yen (about 140 million dollar) manufacturing 2~3 inch face plate of small size OLED, crop of every months of program is 2.5 inches of face plate 1 million, will draw the coronal of crop of face plate of qualitative color OLED high for Japan, future will consider manufacturing application wait for the medium-sized face plate of device at car navigation system.

Toshiba mixes next loose thinking, apply at the OLED face plate of mobile phone and electronic equipment screen, demand increases rapidity, what what offer is video ply of vividder, screen report of thinner, bad news is lesser wait for an advantage, have quite replace liquid crystal (the situation of LCD) face plate. What TMD plans to produce is active organic report arouses smooth diode (Active-matrix OLED; AMOLED) face plate, the color that show is brighter beautiful, dynamic and video fluenter also.

Besides TMD, there still is a van in day factory (Pioneer) and career of Sony devoted OLED, the pioneer is given priority to with producing face plate of black and white OLED, sony rolls out TV of 11 inches of OLED, resounding industry, but the outside thinks the OLED of Sony is produced generally can scale is not large, beforehand appraise has 2 every months only, 000. The adversary that is in South Korea has strange beauty of SamSung SDI(SAMSUNG SDI) and station plant photoelectricity of subsidiary strange brilliant.

Toshiba plans to roll out TV of 30 inches of OLED in 2009 year formerly, produce a technology to be overcome hard because of the quantity like that, and not agree with the element such as economic benefits, represented the time that appears on the market TV of the OLED after delaying in December 2007.

Before this, plan of Korea SamSung SDI will be produced can add to sixfold, the active matrix type that makes Japanese manufacturer current organic glow diode (crop of AM OLED) monitor is inferior by comparison. Video firm is intensifying the organic video market that race to control increases quickly, this kind of monitor is more frivolous than liquid crystal screen, power comsumption is lower also.
Company of science and technology shows below Toshiba pine (one spokesman of Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology) expresses, the investment before planning to be by 2009 makes an appointment with 15 billion yen () of 140 million dollar, every months of crop is equivalent to 1 million 2.5 very little face plate. This joint ventures is had respectively below Toshiba and pine 6 into with 4 into equity. He expresses, produces face plate basically is used in mobile phone and car navigation system. Next Toshiba is loose indication that company of science and technology did not plan a quantity to produce those who be used at TV at present larger size monitor.
SamSung SDI ever expressed, will open up endowment 5, 50 billion Han Yuan () of 535 million dollar, in 2009 before produce 2 inches of face plate can rise reach 9 million every months.
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