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Du Bang will invest 160 million dollar to build filmy solar battery in deep harb
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Xu Zongheng represents municipal Party committee, municipal government to express to welcome all right to Gu Wenxin, it is Shenzhen high-tech industry to develop industrial contribution to thanks to Du Bang company. He expresses, current Shenzhen is building national innovation city hard, and will farther close the collaboration with Hong Kong, make construction of circle of deep harbor innovation jointly activity of innovation resource, innovation most center one of areas. Municipal government will provide more excellent service, the filmy solar battery that establishs in deep harbor area to Du Bang board the project gives main support.

Gu Wenxin expresses, dubang and Shenzhen are having long-term and good cooperation to concern, filmy solar battery board deep harbor of this project settle one of main reasons of two ground, as a result of deep harbor two ground government is run efficiently and be opposite namely the stand high and see far of environmental protection career. Du Bangxi looks can with deep harbor two ground are base, make filmy solar battery board the leading person of the industry, make oneself contribution for career of Chinese environmental protection.
According to report of website of Chinese Department of Commerce, shenzhen mayor Xu Zongheng interviewed Du Bang company to carry out vice-president to hold presiding operation Guan Guwen concurrently to believe group in citizen center a few days ago. Stress of Liu of adviser of mayor science and technology, xu Qin of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, standing deputy mayor, li Ping of municipal government secretary-general attended to interview.

American Du Bang (DuPont) announce, will generate electricity in solar energy of Hong Kong construction institute, production factory of component of solar battery module is built in Shenzhen (English releases a data) .
This company predicts what demand will maintain 30 % above a few years continuously henceforth to solar energy generates electricity year of increase rate, to satisfy this one requirement, this company decides to have this extensive investment.
Du Bang just faces module manufacturer to provide all sorts of component in crystallization silicon solar battery before this. This, the institute that establishs newly in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and factory will study and make the component of solar battery of film of the silicon that be not brilliant. The glass that these component include transparent or translucent account the sealed material of aggrandizement board and solar battery module.

Du Bang is one of 500 strong companies of world with well-known whole world, established the first manufactory at Shenzhen is in 20 years ago. According to divulging, through Hong Kong and Shenzhen two ground government is striven for actively, last week, du Bang decides to represent its technology of cable of solar energy smooth hot season is at present highest project settle Hong Kong of the level and Shenzhen area, du Bang will be in garden of Hong Kong science and technology and Shenzhen respectively center of research and development of whole world of film of report of smooth hot season mixes solar energy of construction of investment of promising new developed area manufacturing base. It is reported, this one project plans to be in after be being refined further, will build at the start working inside this year, predict to be before 2010 put into production.
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