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In be being made south the station that uses data group to invest 17 million dol
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Vice president of group of applied data company, monitor and career of product of filmy solar energy group general manager Gilad Almogy expresses, demand of equipment of planar 2008 video is driving, add an Asia to warm up quickly to solar energy demand for service, because this application material thinks,the factory is set to produce machine station in the Asia imperative.

Leave along with what write works of face plate of second for generations piece, the face plate facility of 7 acting above is larger and larger, carry not easily in equipment and client concentration falls in the circumstance of Asian area, applied material is in then south division garden area creates deposit of 8.5 acting chemical gas phase (CVD) factory, applying equipment of the face plate of new plant of the division austral material, solar energy to produce can be 3 times former, in light of the angle with equipment manufactory, taiwan is the record of the largest investment that uses material to be in Asian area.

Gilad Almogy expresses, the growing sex of energy industry does not have commonplace doubt, the dimensions of industry of prospective solar energy can resemble IC industry and LCD industry kind powerful. Although solar energy industry can get the influence of boom, but must use phone as a result of the people's livelihood, because this replaces the sources of energy,suffer boom to affect be lowest. He thinks, traditional power plant has contaminative doubt, obtain in capital on can get handicap, and solar energy report board capital is obtained relatively abundant, and filmy solar energy is the most competitive on unit cost, in the near future inside can see gain.

Gilad Almogy says, the investment of filmy solar energy is very of globalization, e.g. , europe does not have equipment of face plate front, but what solar energy equipment develops in Europe however is very good, this explained the foreground of solar energy industry comparatives to be valued.

In addition, misgivings of market of estate of near future face plate is much, tone falls produce can utilization rate and defer product line equipment to produce can clamor is constant, stand in the angle of equipment business, gilad Almogy says, will look with long-term point of view, face plate industry is propped up in what basically use TV of product liquid crystal below, the growing rate of TFT LCD industry is rapidder than semiconductor, circulate as to periodic to face plate industry liquid crystal, no matter be face plate factory or it is facility plant has known how because answer, it is quite hopeful to the long-term development of face plate industry so.

Applied data company already set monitor and factory building of solar energy equipment in the United States and Germany, the extend factory building that the center makes south the stage will increase 7, 200 square meter (about 2, 200 level ground) area of new product line, make central gross area is made amount to south the stage 14, 000 square meter, be in finishing hind, predicting meeting has 150 employee to garrison.
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