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4 couplet group makes annual produce exceed business of 10 billion yuan of sapph
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The information that comes from 4 couplet group to offer says, this second buying is “ after beating the numerous competitor that comes from the whole world the contest of ” is bought. This second buy after finishing, 4 couplet group grows those who have chip of sapphirine of current world top class character to reach relevant production resource with processing technique.

The haze of dawn of king of public relations chief inspector of special material ministry checks area of China of Er of Huo Ni Wei 5 days " daily of the first finance and economics " express, this company sells the reason of sapphirine business is, sapphirine business be subordinate to belongs to department of business of this company electron, department of its electron business undertook adjustment to its business centre of gravity last year, sapphirine business is not new business focus, because this sells.

Company of Er of Huo Ni Wei is one of main production business of global sapphirine crystal, also be product of the world's accepted custom-built sapphirine application top-ranking manufacturer, producible 2 inches, 3 inches of sapphirine chip with 4 inches of norms.

The predecessor of 4 couplet group is total plant of Chongqing plain bearing limited company (below call “ Chongqing plain appearance ” ) , this company by was established from the change inside company of instrument of instrument of and other places of Shanghai, Liaoning, Jiangsu 1965 and become, with Chongqing plain appearance established 4 couplet group for core 1987. 4 couplet group achieved sale 2006 3.6 billion yuan, profit total 190 million yuan. The Chongqing with this at present subordinate group 8 factories can produce plain appearance man-made gem photoelectron yuan parts of an apparatus, optics uses gem piece, the product such as club of lapidary nozzle, lapidary insulator, lapidary circle.

Catenary of industry of 10 billion Led

Reporter of the our newspaper 4 years ago from Chongqing city a photoelectricity yuan controller of company of production of parts of an apparatus is in gotten opinion to show, these gem that the outside thinks place of 8 factories ” makes “ plain instrument base piece additional cost is very low, just provide lapidary raw material to the family, more profit is earned by downstream manufacturer. Now, 4 dimension group plans to profit more rich and generous extend downstream.

The data that 4 couplet group provides shows, huoniweier is bought in the success after sapphirine business, 4 couplet group will continue to advance the steady progress of business of Canadian factory sapphirine on one hand, give priority to its surely should face Euramerican market center and center of global research and development. Meanwhile, still will build the sapphirine plant with a bigger dimensions in Chongqing, its product basically faces China and Asia-Pacific region market.
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