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Day horse microelectronics is cast 3 billion build Chengdu line of the 2nd TFT-L
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Announce investment plan in dark sky horse before today (21 days) , beijing is Oriental (000725) announce will with directional increase the means collect capital of hair 2.25 billion yuan, basically use at building LCD of 4.5 acting filmy transistor (TFT-LCD) product line. Meanwhile, the collect that stems from construction new product line likewise endowment need, electric not long ago also knocks Long Tengguang of —— of tycoon of production of face plate of another liquid crystal to lend housing ST surely too smooth (000555) .

At present, face plate manufacturing industry is performing domestic liquid crystal to produce can outspread contest. To this, shigong of analyst of the negotiable securities that start line of business believes, regard the whole world as the biggest spending kind electronic market, whole face plate makes an industry especially in the TV of low end and IT kind the trend that face plate changes to chinese mainland won't be changed, the future of manufacturer of chinese mainland face plate develops a space to be opened already completely. Negotiable securities of the Yangtse River already also grew to the profit of dark sky horse accordingly express hopeful.

The center is exhibited in the new meeting of Chengdu, wu Guangquan of president of horse of general manager of the boat in Shenzhen, dark sky will be deep autograph of project of product line of 4.5 inches of TFT-LCD gave day horse Chengdu.
According to the agreement that both sides signs, product line of 4.5 inches of TFT-LCD settle Chengdu high new developed area, cover an area of about 428 mus, investment amount is 3 billion RMB about. According to the regulation in the agreement, after building, first phase produces per month 730mm×920mmTFT-LCD glass substrate 30 thousand pieces, achieve 60 thousand pieces finally; Amount to postpartum, year sales revenue makes an appointment with 1.6 billion RMB, profit makes an appointment with 200 million RMB.
According to Introduction Wu Guangquan, be in early in April 2006, dark sky horse cooperates with Shanghai government, investment builds product line of the first 4.5 inches of TFT-LCD 3.29 billion yuan, of the same age began construction in August, ignition trial production is successful in September 2007, 1 quarter is formal this year put into production, and the product line of 4.5 inches of TFT-LCD that builds this in Chengdu, it is dark sky horse is in the 2nd of the whole nation, also be its are in western the main item of construction.
It is reported, dark sky horse is head office of imports and exports of Chinese aviation technology of subordinate of group of the boat in Shenzhen of wholy-owned subsidiary —— in small size LCD (LCD) and liquid crystal show module (LCM) design produces a business. Current, this company all sets a shop in Shenzhen, Shanghai, sale office is set in the United States, Germany, Korea, total assets 1.2 billion yuan, year 10 thousand square metre of manufacturing LCD20, LCM5000 10 thousand.
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