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Nikon optics gas poisoning of workers questioned the company denies
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In the Japanese-funded enterprises in Jiangsu Wuxi Nikon Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wuxi Nikon) occurred due to gas poisoning of more than 50 workers, the issue raised widespread concern. It is located in Wuxi New District of Wuxi Nikon and determine the environmental protection department, is a pharmaceutical drugs near Wuxi Nikon wastewater generated during processing odor emissions lead to poisoning. But the idea was part of the workers questioned. Gas pollution for the Nikon Wuxi events, Nikon Japan headquarters yesterday to respond to the outside world. Nikon spokesman TakuyaMoriguchi Japan headquarters in Tokyo, a media interview, stressed that "not result in the production process the company itself." Current events still under investigation. According to the propaganda departments of Wuxi New D istrict has notified the evening of April 29, the pharmaceutical companies with odor production line has been ordered to stop production, sewage treatment facilities, containment measures have been taken. April 29 to May 3 monitoring results show that ammonia and hydrogen sulfide pharmaceutical factory sector two indicators are standard, ozone levels exceeded the standard; May 4 Monitoring results show that pharmaceutical factory sector ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and ozone gas concentration standards. Wuxi New District Management Committee said, in addition to Wuxi Nikon, the other companies were not around the poisoning of workers. According to Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 8, Nikon announced a new workshop workplace environmental monitoring report shows that the concentration of the various positions are in line with Section toxic "workplace exposure to harmful factors limit the first part of the home: Chemical harmful factors," the request. However, there are still many workers questioned the existence of gas cause pollution. According to media reports, the Nikon plant in Wuxi, industry officials announced ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and odor concentration standards, there are still workers, symptoms start to appear, saying the poisoning has reached three or four hundred people. Therefore, some workers question the Nikon manufacturing process within the chemicals used in the lead poisoning of workers. Allegedly, in order to prevent the production of the window and threw the camera, the company has no ventilation and windows, all windows have been sealed, the staff has repeatedly asked the company to open the window, but has no response. Lead poisoning in the production process for their own argument, Assistant General Manager of Wuxi Wuzhou Ping Nikon denied saying, "no toxic substances in the production process, the workers because of adverse reactions has yet to be official for further investigation." May 13, Wuxi Nikon Human Resources said that the company is currently organizing a medical examination, but the results are not yet out, workers have begun to gradually return to work. Information, established in 2002 in Wuxi Nikon, Nikon Corporation of Japan owned company established in China, currently employs about 5,500 people, of which 9 percent are women.
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