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Subversive charm of optical instruments TALIKA Light 660 acne governor
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Skin smooth and perfectly clear in a short period to return within 28 days of your cheek, it will be the biggest wish of all the acne girls! 2 times per day, every 3 minutes, the use of 7 days, the skin becomes smooth and clear, smooth and refreshed. Adhere to the 28 days, the skin will look. This is a big time, any age, the family co-owner of Dream Beauty Tips. Forty-site conference invited the media, the staff led the media into the cosmic space, tracing the origins of the 70 products, feel the magic of product history, product tank display makes the product a better understanding of the media, body Trial inspection area so that everyone is put it down! Entire conference in the very contemporary sense of simplicity and mystery of color in the interpretation of optical power and the magic found TALIKA keen brand, TALIKA light charm members of the family With you and I together in a wonderful dream to start a beautiful journey. Charm 660 light barrier in two bands of the light - 660 nm and 470 nm red light blue light, acting on the oily acne prone skin, adhere to the 28 days because of acne skin inflammation resulting changes will be huge Good, clear acne retreat, and the skin smooth refreshed. Blue LED emitted 470 nm light-emitting diode light can inhibit the secretion of sebum, balanced skin. Because of its inhibition of bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) characteristics, in favor of small papules and acne disappear. Red LED light emitting diodes Tubes of light emitted at 660 nm has amazing healing effect, can effectively control the spread of acne. TALIKA Tali Ka background In 1948, Danielle Roche wounded World War II, Sri Lanka in the ambulance, and he accidentally found himself developed a natural herbal anti-bacterial cream to promote the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, magic, and thus to create a revolutionary flagship product Lipocils eyelashes liquid nourishment. TALIKA was born and developed after 50 years in a series of care products for specific parts. Especially eye products, distinguished and widely acclaimed for effect.
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