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Shanghai Optical Instrument Co Ltd Blue Philippines will host the opening cerem
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Halma Group companies - U.S. Labsphere company wholly-owned subsidiary in China, Shanghai Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. Blue Philippines in May 18, 2010 opening ceremony held. Time: at 10:30 on May 18, 2010 pm -14:30 pm. Location: Downtown Road, Minhang District, Shanghai 1165, Lane 123, No. 23 One plant floor. Labsphere have invited you all to the opening ceremony. Halma Group celebrations will be the production of Shanghai Minhang Center. U.S. headquarters in celebration of Labsphere's management, the Asia Pacific region sales and production team, other Regional partners, and related media will have to meet and interact. After the celebration will visit the company's first-class coating, assembly and after-sales facilities. This is the integrating sphere of overseas investment to build factories in the country's first and only plant with such facilities.
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