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Merchandise on hand sells birthday of distinctive birthday present to declare co
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The birthday present that merchandise on hand sells distinctive and extremely rich culture to savour continuously, " birthday signs up for " Sichuan Chengdu, but free deliver goods comes time is like an arrow, whether do you hope him understanding is born the history that day? Prop up friendly birthday, you are less than distinctive gift whether always to search and pained? Business sea is boundless and indistinct, whether do you need a darning the acupuncture needle of human network? Years passes, the parental look for that whether you think to be pains does an account wear old evidence? Congratulation you, now, the present that you had a distinctive and extremely rich culture to savour, " birthday signs up for " ! Newspaper of Sichuan Chengdu birthday is sold continuously buy send a center Www.cdsrb.com, the birthday present that merchandise on hand sells distinctive and extremely rich culture to savour continuously, " birthday signs up for " . Free deliver goods comes, after opening the area that sends urgently curtilage to be able to receive money, pay, also can buy through cleaning out treasure to pay treasure. Service hot line: 028-86919668 client ministry (Liu manager) : 028-81611379, online QQ:644018807. Industrial and commercial and lawful register, merchandise on hand is sold continuously, credit consummate, deliver goods comes, the price assures after reasonable, carry out. Sell as far as to Hefei of Nanning of Changsha of Wuhan of Yinchuan of Xining of Lanzhou of Xi'an of Kunming of Chongqing, Guizhou Guiyang, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Gansu Province, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Mongolia, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, Anhui, Jiangxi south. Introduce foreign advanced concept, satisfactory settlement the credit in other electron business affairs and disbursement difficult problem, be western of crowd of elite of city of first specialized service sell continuously buy freely send a center. Industrial and commercial bureau registers Chengdu date 5101052031041, duty Wu registers card 51010575878740-9 name. Land special website Www.cdsrb.com or Www.nxwp.com or Www.cd86919668.com please, dial sale special railway line, firm business address: Date of 5-2-6 of date of?5 of beat of Ci of firewood of border of Mu ǔ what, but free deliver goods comes. Pass the collaboration with some newspaper collector, we offer the old newspaper that publishs any day to now from 1927 for you tailor-made and gift of become birthday, fete! Before liberating, have " declare " , " news signs up for " , " new China daily " etc; After liberating, have " People's Daily " , " bright daily " , " emancipatory daily " , " civil report " etc. After was being reached 80 years on January 1 128 yuan / the portion came 79 years 70 years on January 1 on December 31 158 yuan / the portion came 69 years 60 years on January 1 on December 31 198 yuan / the portion came 59 years 50 years on January 1 on December 31 298 yuan / the portion came 49 years 40 years on January 1 on December 31 688 yuan / , when the birthday of your lover, friend, parents, if give an old newspaper that they are born one day that to serve as a gift, open the elegant box that pack when them, discover with oneself unexpectedly same day is born the newspaper inside awesomely, can you have what kind of surprise and touch? Shen Ao's hero Mr He Zhenliang, once had received a such gift, the England that he was born one day that 1929 " TIMES " (" peaceful hm person " ) original newspaper. "Birthday signs up for " had been regarded as international association gift and your person commend. Will be the same as the lifetime of old newspaper collect carefully that day is born with the month with him of the same age; Will old newspaper regards wedding of birthday present, knot as gift of content, fete, give relatives and friends, sweet heart; The association present that perhaps has grade very much as gives a client; Pack elegantly, extensive is worn the years moulage of golden color, such gift, return insufficient cruel? Beijing library has a business, the paper that will give birthday for the reader films photograph, enchase in picture frame, make birthday souvenir; And here, each newspaper is original! ! ! ! ! The hand is holding this in both hands the portion is dusty the long already, old newspaper that is born with day with you, do not know you whether feeling myriad? The history that account of fine fine grade wears, whether to know you to you can comprehend the essence of life? That the time that allows this gift with precious share to witness that to belong to you only, life that deserves collect carefully...
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