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Brick of groovy advertisement paper (gift number: XP001)
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Gift brand: GIFTMEDIA gift number: XP001 market value: 28 yuan rise order a quantity: 3000(PCS) category: » of office of business affairs &»The introduction of gift of advertisement paper brick: One, over all dimension: 100x100x100mm page counts: 830 pages presswork color: Inside page / flank: 1-4 color packs a type: Shrink packaging orders a quantity since lowest: 3000pcs produces category to fasten: Groovy paper brick 2, advertisement paper brick is nowadays the memorandum style of domestic and international extraordinary popularity. In its are every pieces inside imprint in the page on the brand image of your company and ad message, clear sees the Dou Nengqing in the whole process that makes the client is being used, it is very effective advertisement carrier and business affairs gift. The paper brick that we produce is client advertisement individuation completely reflect, it can make different figure, size, measure according to client apiration, go showing the advertisement result of client demand from all sorts of different point of view. Specific have brick of groovy form paper, insert pen paper brick, container paper brick, wood to hold in the palm model brick of paper of paper brick, envelope paper brick, transition coming back, establish brick of paper of cant of brick of paper of cant of card paper brick, soft envelope, hard envelope. ================================Good manners much Www.hotgift.cn is sale of development of design of gift of a collect, gift, production the professional gift company at an organic whole, administrative group comes from Shenzhen and Tianjin, have domain of more than 10 years of gift to be experienced successfully, the path of course of study of ceremony of deep know well. Good manners much Www.hotgift.cn has household & to live; Healthy & hairdressing; Athletic & is recreational; Novel & exceeds cruel; Fashionable & science and technology; Office of business affairs & adds up to gift of 6 old series, satisfy high-end client requirement! The company all sets acting shop in Dongguan and Shenzhen, have special processing to OEM/ODM order, if fly a model, note state of model, PCB, IC to decide, SMT, product is assembled, character examines, content shedding. The company will be entered in all hand in hand with you wholeheartedly with good cooperative mood, achieve happiness in all tomorrow! Saying of much ad of Www.hotgift.cn good manners: The gift is great, not as much as good manners! Why to choose good manners much? One, good in Www.hotgift.cn manners is much, all gift all come from a manufacturer, leave out all link among, purchase a quantity bulkily to make we always can get the better price that offer money additionally. 2, good in Www.hotgift.cn manners is much, we can bring the nice gift of real value for you choicely, innovation develops the gift that suits you most.
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